Monday, July 2, 2012

Incentives provide boost to Utah's film industry

This past week the "Lone Ranger" is riding again into Utah's adventure capital as shooting for the film version of the popular television show is under way in Moab. The movie stars Johnny Depp and brings with it exposure for the state and revenue for local and state coffers.

"As the economy goes, so goes the film industry," said Utah Film Commission Director Marshall Moore. The state's "sweet spot" is typically independent films, cable and network television, with the occasional blockbuster like the "Lone Ranger" shooting here.

The film is just the latest to take advantage of a decision to provide monetary incentives to those who choose to do business in Utah. "It's where we've been making our living for the last few years," Moore said.

The film commission offers up to 25 percent in post-performance incentives — essentially a rebate — to production companies for shooting in the Beehive State. And it seems to be working. Deseret News