Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Health Care Board sets tax, reviews year-to-date report

The San Juan Health District Board welcomed a new member, Guy Denton, to represent the Blanding area, at their June 28 board meeting. Denton said, “Health care has been an important part of my life the last 15 years and I am glad to be able to be involved. “

The Board unanimously voted to continue the county trend of “revenue neutral” by adopting a tax rate lower than the certified tax rate. The previous year’s rate for the health district was .000972 and the new approved rate is .000946.

Chief Financial Officer Lyman Duncan reported that overall patient days at San Juan Hospital dropped to 94 in May, which is the lowest for the year. He also reported that for the year, 2012 has 207 more bed days as compared to last year. San Juan Record