Thursday, April 26, 2012

School District Negotiating Employment Contracts

The compensation package for San Juan School District personnel was put on hold during the April 17 meeting of the school board. The offer presented by the district had not yet been agreed to by the San Juan Education Association at the time of the meeting, therefore the board scheduled a special meeting on May 1 to give more time to the association.

At the time of the meeting, it was reported that just 30 percent of the membership had responded to the offer, of which 20 percent had voted no to the offer presented by the District. District Business Administrator Clayton Holt said that once the teachers understood the options, he thought they would vote for the change.

Major changes in the offer proposed by the District was to freeze all step increases and give an across-the-board salary increase of 1.5 percent. Currently employees move up the “steps” based on years of service. Many of the employees have reached the maximum step increase allowed based on their years of service with the district and haven’t had a pay increase in several years.

Another major change would involve the health care package changing from the silver option to the bronze option. Employees would have the choice of upgrading to the silver or gold package at their own cost.  San Juan Record