Monday, April 9, 2012

Grand County hydroelectric project proposed once again

A California power company has resurrected its proposal for a pumped-storage hydroelectric project outside Moab that would draw water from the Colorado River.

Frank Mazzone, president of Sonoma-based Utah Independent Power Inc., said Friday the increasing amount of interest being directed at the development of solar and wind power generation in Utah signals it's a good time to explore hydropower — which can help shore up those other intermittent sources.

Mazzone has submitted a preliminary permit application for the 800-megawatt project to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which is accepting public comment on the proposal through May 22.

Utah Independent Power had entertained putting in two hydroelectric projects using Colorado River water in 2008 at Bull Canyon and Long Canyon, but the proposals were put on hold given the uncertainty of the economy and questions about demand. Deseret News