Thursday, March 25, 2010

Business owners raise concerns about temporary business permits

Moab City Council members were met with two sides to the issue of moved-on business permits at their meeting Tuesday night. Four businesses petitioned for temporary business permits on Tuesday’s agenda. A moved-on structure permit allows a business to take up temporary residence on the property of an existing permanent business. A number of current and aspiring entrepreneurs are petitioning for permits extending seven months or more, through the duration of the local tourist season. The contention centers on whether the temporary businesses are held to the same code compliance requirements – such as health codes and required parking – as permanent business structures. Long-time business owners told city council members this week that they believe it is unfair to allow the temporary businesses to move in during the prime season after the permanent businesses have put their financial and emotional lives into starting and maintaining a business that serves the community year round. Moab Times-Independent